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Sorry about the delay in my work - There was a death in the family, and every thing's been thrown out of whack.

The project I'm working on is progressing slowly - I have at least half of the renders all Gimped and ready to have some text added to them.

I was going to do a comic-panel style series of deviations, but realised that I'm crap at layouts.

So I'll present them in 10 huge deviations in a series, with some story and dialog (well.. "MMMPH!!!" and "BFFFHH!!", anyway). Should have the first 5 up by the end of the week - If my internet at home is working again, that is.

The very day I found out about my Grandmother's death, in a "How can this day get any worse" kinda mood, I find the internet disconnected. I apologize to that poor Indian woman at 1st line technical support, for my mood and some of the choice words I used.

Anyway, thanks for reading. The moral of the story here is that everyone you'll only ever meet over a telephone line is a complete moron, then the more they transfer you, the more moronic those other people get.



P.S. Sorry if you work in a call center. If you're reading this, you're obviously   not a moron. Come to think about it, if you're reading my journal - you have weirder problems ;)

P.P.S. Another apology if you received an update about my journal 5 times :| ,  :devart: decided to direct me to a blank page every time I clicked submit.
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Submitted on
July 3, 2007